How we work



Free settling in sessions

Before your child starts at The Village Nursery, you will be invited to bring them for play sessions prior to their start date. These sessions are free. You may continue with these sessions until you (and your child) feel happy to start nursery. The Room Supervisor will spend time during these sessions to discuss your child’s needs. Each child will be given their own key worker who will provide daily updates to parents.





As soon as your child is ready to move up to the next age group in our nursery, play sessions are once again planned and instigated in order for the child to make a smooth transition. Parents are very welcome to join their child on these play visits and the keyworker will advise when these are due to start.



Meals and Snacks


Are included in half day/full day fees. Menus are on display at the start of each week. Please let the manager or deputy know if your child has any allergies – this will be noted on our child’s needs form upon registration and will highlight the symptoms and treatment required. We also have a “Special Dietary Needs” policy where we complete forms for the kitchen and nursery staff. All food is made fresh every day. We are members of the Change for Life Programme and promote healthy eating and lifestyles. The Nursery has acheived the HEYS award, (Healthy Early Years Setting).





Our children enjoy regular outings, whether it’s walking, riding in the trundle truck or a longer journey on the bus. These outings help to extend children’s learning and will be well planned. When you register your child at our nursery, you will be asked to sign to consent if you wish your child to be taken out of nursery on an outing.



Opening Times


The nursery is open 51 weeks of the year and closes for one week over Xmas. We open each bank holiday (there is an extra charge for this) subject to numbers of children. Our opening times are 8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday.





You are able to purchase nursery sweatshirts and polo shirts for your child. We feel that this gives a sense of belonging and supports our equality policy. We have found that the uniform has been very useful as part of preparing the pre-school children for school.



Observation, planning and recording





Each key worker is responsible for weekly planning to ensure that each of their key children is engaged in the right kind of activities suitable for their development and based on each child’s interest. This helps us to plan future experiences and opportunities which will develop knowledge, skills and abilities for each child as they progress throughout nursery.





These are linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Each observation allows for every child’s individual development to be monitored and their progress recorded in their personal profile.



Individual learning journeys


These focus on your child’s particular interests based on jottings and observation sheets made by the key person. We welcome any contribution from parents, grandparents or family members, who may also wish to record observations of their child over a weekend’s play and experiences.





Profiles are started on the child’s first day at nursery, these include photographs of their activities, drawings, mark making and observations on the child’s progress. Parents can ask to view their child’s profile at any time and the keyworker will be happy to discuss this with you.



Daily Routines


At the end of each day, the key person will feed back information about your child’s day. For babies and toddlers, this will include information about their sleep times, mealtimes and nappy changes. If the key person is not there, a backup key person will be available to share that information with you.



Preparation for School


We expose children to a wide variety of experiences and activities which encourage them to make decisions and become independent learners. They learn to identify numbers, shapes, large and small objects, full and empty etc, through sand and water play, construction and craft materials. Children are encouraged to look at books, listen and tell stories, identifying words and signs. Children’s confidence in social interaction is encouraged through role play, storytelling and adult led activities.

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