Our Reviews


"We would like to thank all the staff at The Village Nursery for their dedication and wonderful care of our lovely son Callum. Through your care he changed from a shy solitary child into a bright happy child, full of confidence and with lots of friends some of which are at the same school now. A big thankyou and we think your website is great. We will see you soon as we hope you will have a place for our new baby!"


love from Angela and Peter.




"Thankyou to you all for the care shown to Harry. We want to let you know he is continuing to thrive at his new school. Thanks for all your help. Good luck with your website!"


Becky and John




"Love the website, Lily wishes she could come and see you again but we are too far away at present. Many, many thanks for everything you did for us."


Cath and Lily




"Saw the bus the other day and thought I would check out the new website. Looks really good - love the pics. Daniel sends his love and lots of kisses!."






"I think the Village Nursery is fantastic! Both my children come here and absolutely love it. The staff are friendly, honest and very approachable."


Emma (Toby's Mum)




"Thank you for your help with Marley and her eye patch. She would not wear it at home and wanted the girls at nursery to help her try it out. Her vision has now improved and she does not need to wear it all day. Thank you also for helping her little sister Indy settle in too - she's so happy."


Love Jada and James.




From our children who are going to school in September.




"A Big Thankyou! to Joan,Rachel and all the staff at the Village Nursery. Thank you for the past two years."


Laura (Jacob's Mum)




"Thankyou for looking after Ethan whilst I was on my college course."


Lots of love from Alysha and Ethan.




"Thankyou. You took a fragile little boy and made him confident, outgoing and fun! As a family we will miss you lots."


Love Mamie and family.




"We can't thank you enough for everything you've done for us. We'll never forget you and Adele has promised to bring us back to see you all. You've been our safety, security and love provider for the last few years and enabled us to be the great little people we are today. Thank you for all that you have done."


Lots of love McKenzie and Mercedes.




"To all my lovely teachers and friends. Thank you for the last 7 months of fun i have had at nursery. I will miss you all. You have been very kind to me and i have enjoyed my time."


love and hugs from Hollie.



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